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found this in Real Simple Q. When should you book a last-minute… - Travel Deals!!! Where the cheap travel deals are?
found this in Real Simple

Q. When should you book a last-minute flight?
A. On Wednesday from midnight to 2 a.m. Airfares are updated about 250,000 times a day, says Peter Greenberg, travel editor for NBC’s Today show and author of The Travel Detective (Villard, $16, www.amazon.com). So how do you get the best last-minute deal? Most airlines start their sales on Friday afternoon and compete with one another all weekend. The competition stops on Monday — “but that’s not when you call,” says Greenberg. “You call at one minute after midnight on Tuesday, meaning Wednesday morning.” Why wait? “Because these days, when you book a fare on the phone, you have 24 hours in which to purchase the ticket. So by midnight Tuesday night, all those discount fares booked by people who didn’t purchase them come flooding back into the system, and for a brief period of time — between an hour and two hours — you can get those deals.” One more thing to remember: Make sure you’re calling the minute after midnight on Tuesday in the time zone of the airline’s base location, which you can find on its website, usually under “contact information.”


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deinemuse From: deinemuse Date: March 26th, 2008 01:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Very interesting. Going to have to try that for June if rates don't go down.
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